Meanwhile in the office…

Midwinter, Romy Ashby got a new design for her website, while she herself keeps the content fresh. The website now has the simplest possible shop: a paypal button. has had a small update and a new page will soon be there with sculptures . The Appril’s new site has been online for a few months now and it’s been a lot of fun setting the site up, going online, and also ensuring that it continues to run smoothly, regardless of the number of visitors. The Appril site was a joint project this year as well, meet the team at the Appril site.
And I’m still working on the website for MK24 , but also just launched a website for Nell Realty.

Starting Monday I give a WordPress course for the 2nd time this year at the Multimedialab Amsterdam and since the beginning of February I have a nice group of MKstarters who are working hard on a digital portfolio with work for admission into an Art School.