Meanwhile in the office…

Midwinter, Romy Ashby got a new design for her website, while she herself keeps the content fresh. The website now has the simplest possible shop: a paypal button. has had a small update and a new page will soon be there with sculptures . The Appril’s new site has been online for a few months now and it’s been a lot of fun setting the site up, going online, and also ensuring that it continues to run smoothly, regardless of the number of visitors. The Appril site was a joint project this year as well, meet the team at the Appril site.
And I’m still working on the website for MK24 , but also just launched a website for Nell Realty.

Starting Monday I give a WordPress course for the 2nd time this year at the Multimedialab Amsterdam and since the beginning of February I have a nice group of MKstarters who are working hard on a digital portfolio with work for admission into an Art School.

Appril – ideas applied

This year I participate again in Appril by helping build their Web site (in WordPress). I’m enjoying working with such a big, diverse group of people on one site. It’s both inspiring and challenging, one of my favorite combinations.

Appril is an annual festival in April in Amsterdam where app pioneers, makers, users, creators and groupies get together and shape a future. With our activities, we help people realize their ideas through technology. We believe the digital revolution can bring us many wonderful things when you combine knowledge, expertise, creativity and fun.
For April 2013, we have chosen a different theme for each of its four weeks and we focus on it in workshops, lectures and other sessions that connect people. Call us your expedition leader in the world of ever renewing digital applications. Would you like to know more? Go to