Web Design, Advice & Guidance

I create websites for individuals, small businesses, and large companies alike. My particular ability and focus as a web designer is to translate a client’s content into a solid design supported by whatever technology is needed to make it work. A well-designed site allows the content to speak for itself, bringing to life the ideas behind it.

A Selection


A website for the Association of Former International Civil Servants

GHF Suriname NL

Home page of Green Heritage Fund Suriname in the Netherlands

A Dutch website promoting the Green Heritage Fund in Suriname


Screenshot of the above the fold section of the new home page

A complete list of courses offered by art institute Stichting MK24


Screenshot of the home page: white background, slanted yellow line seperating the header from the body of the text.

A site connecting drama teachers and theaters with primary schools and high schools

poetry lab

A specialized interactive lesson in how to write a poem

Advice and Guidance

Beginning with the establishment of a domain name and web space, I provide my clients with complete support during the process of building a website and putting it online. I offer instruction on how to work with necessary software such as FileZilla or Dreamweaver, as well as advice and guidance for using a Content Management System such as WordPress or an equivalent.

What I Offer:

  • An accessible site
  • A site you may change and maintain yourself
  • Advice on web space and domain name
  • A mobile-friendly website
  • I will listen to you carefully, create your website based on your wishes, and then adjust it until you are satisfied.

Some Choices for You:

  • I can create a website for you to maintain, or one that I maintain for you.
  • It can have movement or be static
  • It can be of a simple design, or one with forms, slideshows and other interactive applications.