A company offering audio tours in countries with a Dutch heritage
Showing of the art by Charlie Schick and Regina Bartkoff
A website for the Dutch writer Dorothée Albers
An online art fair representing multiple dealers
A specialized interactive lesson in how to write a poem
Een website voor de Association of Former International Civil Servants
Home page of Green Heritage Fund Suriname in the Netherlands
A Dutch website promoting the Green Heritage Fund in Suriname
screenshot of studio Gear Up's home page with its different sections, the logo's triangle comes back in buttons and background patterns
studio Gear Up is a consultation firm on green energy
Screenshot of home page of johanvanderkooij.nl
A business website for personal coach Johan van der Kooij
Screenshot of the above the fold section of the new home page
A complete list of courses offered by art institute Stichting MK24
Screenshot van de home pagina van valimyersturst.com
A portrait and portfolio website for the Australian artist Vali Myers
A site for classes devoted to the writing of life stories
Screenshot of the home page: white background, slanted yellow line seperating the header from the body of the text.
A site connecting drama teachers and theaters with primary schools and high schools
An online portfolio for photographer Guido Bosua
Writings, drawings and photos by Inge Raadschelders
Kitty Bouwman’s site showcasing her sculptures in stone