Meanwhile in the office…

So far this year, three projects have been completed already, one is still a bit of a secret but also the most fun and the biggest of the three. It is basically a Blindschelders & Raadsman project where I was responsible for building everything online. We’ve converted an educational CD-ROM from roughly 5 to 7 years ago into webapp for a project that will hopefully start soon! (After that I’ll be able to go into more detail.)

For Rob Perrée I created the online art magazine, a pay site. It is a monthly magazine with articles about African, Caribbean and African American art. Often writers are asked to write in depth articles for free and Rob’s magazine tries to circumvent that while still creating a quality magazine.

And since the start of this week Jessie van Vlodrop’s site has also gone online: Not as common as it once once this site has not been built on a CMS, although we did make it so that she can easily update some parts herself.