This is the website for a company that offers audio tours in countries with a Dutch heritage, including France, the United Sates, and Poland.

What I Did for This Website:

Using a site design provided by the company itself, I rebuilt their existing website and changed it from HTML to WordPress. I did this to give the company a content management system, making it easier for them to update their site. To this end I created a custom manual for them, which I always offer clients when building a website. Putting all of their initial content online for them to access as needed for their updates presented much of the labor in building this site. It’s also a multilingual site, and these are always a bit more challenging to build than one might expect, but very necessary and ultimately enriching for companies such as this.


Dutch Heritage World Tours — dutchheritageworldtours.nl


This site was created because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, which in 2020 replaced the annual in-person art fair, held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

What I did for this website:

This project I worked on with a graphic designer named Daniela de Boo. We worked on the site in the months leading up to the launch of the online Tribal Art Fair. Using WordPress, I created a system where every dealer involved with the fair could log in and post photos of the art objects they wanted to list for sale. In essence, I created an online market for more than twenty individual dealers. I made the objects filterable, so that visitors could focus on the origin of the art objects themselves or the art dealers. Each gallery/dealer has their own page on the website where visitors can arrange to purchase objects.

There were two main challenges of working with a site containing many thousands of individual images. The first was to make the site easy to navigate. This I achieved by limiting options, thus keeping the site simple, providing filtering options, and adding an option for visitors to Favorite objects as they browsed. The other challenge was to maintain a fast website, which I achieved by optimizing all the images for speed, and building a custom theme to control loading time.


Galerie Lemaire — tribalartfair.nl/onlinefair