I created this site for the Dutch writer Dorothée Albers. She is the author of the novel Zeemansgraf Voor een kort Verhaal (A Seaman’s Grave for a Short Story) published by Uitgeverij Cossee, and a collection of poems entitled Het Gras van de Donderdag (The Grasses of Thursday) published by Uitgeverij De Muze.

What I Did For This Website:

With her new novel having been translated from Dutch to German, it made sense to create a bilingual website for Dorothée, which I did, leaving open the option to add more languages as the need arises. Because it is a WordPress website, she can easily add to it herself, for posting new books, essays, reviews, or events, any time she likes. I created a custom manual for her to follow, which I always offer to clients when I build a website.


Dorothée Albers —