This website I built for my good friends, Charlie Schick and Regina Bartkoff, both of whom are actors and visual artists in New York City. This site was built to showcase their art and facilitate online sales of their work.

What I Did/Do for This Website:

One challenge of building a website like this is for it to have the capacity to feature a lot of images without slowing the whole thing down. So it’s necessary to balance image size with quality. I do the updating of the content as well as the general site maintenance and updates for Charlie and Regina, so I can monitor the functionality of the site for them. For me the major challenge was to give their site design personality without letting it overwhelm the art itself, and we all feel pleased with the result.

The site also features a news page, a page for essays, and a button for donations through Paypal. This was set up during the pandemic to enable people to make donations and to buy artwork remotely rather than from Charlie and Regina directly in their little gallery.


Charlie Schick and Regina Bartkoff —