What I’m working on at the moment:

Short Term

  • I just finished teaching both my Digital Design class and the Animation & Interaction classes I teach each year. To allow for the new situation my students were in, and the fact that we did not all have the same software available, I focused just on animation this year and went much more in depth on that subject. We’re also finetuning the Digital Design class for next year.
  • Last Tuesday I finished the new website for AFICS-NL.
  • Platform Duurzame Biobrandstoffen wants a new website and I really need to give that project some attention.
  • Reading a manuscript of a friend that she ghost wrote. It was really fun to read, now I just have to reread t osee what she did with the changes she made.
  • Reading a manuscript for a friend to give her some feedback (halfway through!)
  • Finishing up the yearly rush to put all summer classes and all the classes for the new year on
  • And I have another manuscript that I need to read and give feedback for.
  • I’m working on a hand-sewing project. I’m making some lady’s combinations in a nice soft cotton.
  • Also, I’m finishing up the sleeves for a lightweight (but black) summer sweater for a family member.

Long Term

  • A longer-running project I’m still working on with Inge Raadschelders is het Gedichtenlaboratorium which aims to stimulate the writing of poetry with people with an intellectual or mental disability. (I just put 60 poems online for this project on the theme of 75 years of freedom.)
  • I’m working on the website for the art institute MK24.
  • I regularly add new posts to Today I Learned.
  • I’m responsible for the technical aspect of the enrollment module for ARTIS-Ateliers.
  • I want to rebuild an animated poem I once made in Flash with HTML, CSS and some JS and not just animate it but give a reader control over the speed at which the text appears.

Last updated: June 25, 2020
Inspired by: Derek Sivers’