What I’m working on at the moment:

Short Term

  • The Tribal Art Fair is open right now, so soon I’ll need to close it
  • Working on the layout of the collected poems of Lee Fuhler
  • Small restructuring and content update of
  • Reading a manuscript for a friend to give her some feedback (halfway through!)
  • About to start the yearly rush to put all summer classes and all the classes for the new year on
  • Lots of gallery and museum visits
  • Also, I’m starting on the front panel of a lightweight cotton/linen summer shirt

Long Term

  • A longer-running project I’m still working on with Inge Raadschelders is het Gedichtenlaboratorium which aims to stimulate the writing of poetry with people with an intellectual or mental disability. (I just put 60 poems online for this project on the theme of 75 years of freedom.)
  • I’m working on the website for the art institute MK24.
  • I regularly add new posts to Today I Learned.
  • I’m responsible for the technical aspect of the enrollment module for ARTIS-Ateliers.
  • I want to rebuild an animated poem I once made in Flash with HTML, CSS and some JS and not just animate it but give a reader control over the speed at which the text appears.

Last updated: April 29, 2024
Inspired by: Derek Sivers’