What I’m working on at the moment:

Short Term

  • The class I was supposed to teach in Amsterdam, I will now teach online from New York. Here is the website for the Digital Design class and a post about how I’m setting it up on my Today I Learned blog
  • The Interactive Design class has been cancelled and the Animation & Interaction has been postponed, instead I’m spending lots of time indoors in Manhattan, thankfully I have good company and while some jobs have been cancelled for Corona-related reasons, there is some scrambling to do right now to try and mitigate damage for some of my clients
  • The website for Green Heritage Fund Nederland is finished
  • I’m finishing up a new website for studio Gear Up
  • Reading a manuscript for a friend to give her some feedback (halfway through!)
  • And I have another manuscript and a long interview that I need to read and give feedback for

Long Term

  • A longer-running project I’m still working on with Inge Raadschelders is het Gedichtenlaboratorium which aims to stimulate the writing of poetry with people with an intellectual or mental disability
  • I’m working on the website for the art institute MK24
  • I regularly add new posts to Today I Learned
  • I’m responsible for the technical aspect of the enrollment module for ARTIS-Ateliers
  • I want to rebuild an animated poem I once made in Flash with HTML, CSS and some JS and not just animate it but give a reader control over the speed at which the text appears

Last updated: March 18, 2020
Inspired by: Derek Sivers’