Updating Your Own Site

If you already have a Web site and you’re happy with it but you would just like to make a few small changes to the text now and again – and you can’t… there are some options that might be interesting for you.

It depends a little on how your site was build originally and on your Web host (their server settings, the service you take from them) but there are some, relatively, easy and, relatively, cheap ways to set you up with a very simple text editor for your site.

For example:

  • Snippetmaster: not the prettiest one in this list but works well and is easy to use
  • Unify: prettier and more versatile, makes it slightly less easy to use
  • CushyCMS: pretty and to the point, the quickest to set up

If you want more of full fledged CMS, Concrete5 could also be a good option, especially if you already have a site design ready in HTML but your entire site hasn’t yet gone live.

Of course, if you’re starting from scratch, I’m still a big WordPress fan!