Webdesign, Advice and Guidance

I create Web sites for small businesses, individuals and large companies alike. My particular ability and focus as a Web designer is to translate a client’s content into a solid design supported by whatever technology is needed to make it work.

My designs are characterized by the individuality of each client. The technology used to support the content is invisible. A well-designed site lets the content speak for itself, bringing to life the person or the entity behind it. Content, design and technology go hand in hand.

Advice and Guidance

Beginning with the establishment of a domain name and Web space, I provide my clients with complete support during the process of building a Web site and putting it online. I offer instruction on how to work with necessary software such as Flash or Dreamweaver, as well as advice and guidance for using a Content Management System such as WordPress or an equivalent.

What I Offer:

  • An accessible site
  • A site you may change and maintain yourself
  • Advice on Web space and domain name
  • A mobile friendly Web site
  • I will listen to you carefully, create your Web site based on your wishes, and then adjust it until you are satisfied.

Some choices for you:

  • I can create a Web site for you to maintain, or one that I maintain for you.
  • It can have movement or be static
  • It can be of a simple design, or one with forms, slideshows and other interactive applications.

Most recent:

On writing manuals for WordPress web sites

I always dislike starting a manual. The work seems so endless and boring. You have to write everything down, step by step, you have to make relevant screen shots, sort everything, and then create an index for easy reference. Whenever I’m about to start, I always wish I didn’t have

Compression: making pictures easier to load

For visitors of your Web site it’s important if the pictures they see there are as light as possible, so they’ll load as quickly as possible. If a picture is big that’s one thing (w x h in px), but it shouldn’t be too heavy (weight in kb), especially not

More Color Tools

It just never ends, the use of color continues to give trouble, both in the area of Color schemes: Copaso and in the area of  accessibility: Contrast-A