Give it a Whirl…

A list of some website-related tools: Links Use Neil Patel’s backlink checker to see who is linking to your website. Broken links on your website are really annoying, especially since they’re good at hiding. Use the Broken link checker to find all of them! Color Want to check whether the contrast between text and background …

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From 0 to 255

A handy little tool for working with colors is This one is not so much for finding contrasting or complementary colors, but nuances of the same color.

Compression: making pictures easier to load

For visitors of your Web site it’s important if the pictures they see there are as light as possible, so they’ll load as quickly as possible. If a picture is big that’s one thing (w x h in px), but it shouldn’t be too heavy (weight in kb), especially not for those who are using …

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More Color Tools

It just never ends, the use of color continues to give trouble, both in the area of Color schemes: Copaso and in the area of  accessibility: Contrast-A

Multilingual and 404

It took me a long time to find a plugin for making WordPress Web sites multilingual that didn’t frustrate me, and after endless battles with Qtranslate en WPML, I’ve finally found one that so far has been reliable and relatively easy to use. Polylang It’s free, not overly complicated, extensive and the author keeps the …

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HTML & symbols

Tiffany B. Brown put together a clear list of all symbols and how to write them in HTML: she also writes an interesting blog post on occasion. Or at least, they’re interesting for people who like web development.